Dosshaus is the creative collaboration of Zoey Taylor and David Connelly, artists whose work blends painting, sculpture, photography, fashion, video, and performance.   From the outset, the pair has been interested in the intersection of high and low culture.  Responding to a society saturated with social media-generated images in which reality itself seems more and more relative, Dosshaus explores the impact the emerging culture has on the way people view themselves and their place in society.   They seek to create something out of that culture – a substitute reality that selectively accepts and rejects the conventions placed upon them individually as people and collectively as artists.  They use recycled cardboard, paper, acrylic paint and glue as their primary mediums to fashion their own highly idealized universe.  The works themselves invert the very idea of the readymade.  These are highly manipulated, sculpted pieces that give the illusion of everyday objects from an alternate, animated dimension.  This cardboard world is at once separate from and a comment on our modern culture. 


Corey Helford Gallery - Los Angeles, CA - APRIL 2018

Gallery 30 South - Pasadena, CA - MAY 2017

LA ART SHOW - Feature Artist Exhibition - Los Angeles, CA - JANUARY 2017

The Paseo - Taos, NM - SEPTEMBER 2016

Gregorio Escalante Gallery - Los Angeles, CA - FEBRUARY 2016


M.A.R.S. Fest - Los Angeles, CA - APRIL 2017

Paseo Festival - Taos, NM - SEPTEMBER 2016

CicLAvia Installation - Los Angeles, CA - SEPTEMBER 2016

City of Santa Monica Public Installation - Santa Monica, CA - JUNE 2016

Los Angeles Design Festival - Chinatown Design Night - MAY 2016

Chung King Rd. Installation - Los Angeles, CA - NOVEMBER 2015

The Cinefamily - La Collectionneuse Installation - Los Angeles, CA - SEPTEMBER 2015


CONTEXT NEW YORK - Corey Helford Gallery - New York, NY - May 2018

CONTEXT MIAMI - Corey Helford Gallery - Miami, FL - December 2017

CONTEXT NEW YORK - Corey Helford Gallery - New York, NY - May 2017

Iconic - Gregorio Escalante Gallery - Los Angeles, CA - April 2017

Art Collector Starter Kit 4 - Corey Helford Gallery - April 2017

California Fine Arts Exhibition - Santa Ana - February 207

Pulped Fictions - Torrance Art Museum - January 2017

MAS - Torrance Art Museum - November 2016

The Paseo - Taos, NM - September 2016

Post Waste - South Bay Contemporary - San Pedro, CA - September 2016

Zero Down - Inglewood, CA - June 2016

Sculpture Maze - bG Gallery Bergamot Station - Santa Monica, CA - February 2016

Grayscale Wonderland II - bG Gallery Bergamot Station - Santa Monica, CA - February 2016

JUXTAPOZ Magazine LA Art Show After Party - New Utopia Inc. - Los Angeles, CA - January 2016

Groundspace Project Group Show - Los Angeles, CA - December 2015

Snap-To-Grid - Los Angeles Center for Digital Art - Los Angeles, CA - December 2015